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Hilary Wesley, REALTOR®

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Love Where You Live!
Hilary’s integrity and enthusiasm for the real estate industry promotes positive community development and economic growth for the Memphis Metro Area. From Dallas to Memphis to Amarillo her heart of gold guides her steps to a flawless transaction, professional industry relationships, and community partnerships. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or need assistance navigating luxury portfolios, Hilary’s dedication to excellence will provide direction, education and peace of mind.
Hilary’s previous experience as a public school teacher and owner of an organic business, connect her throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Having lived and worked in multiple cities gives Hilary the unique insight into the intricacies of real estate from a variety of vantage points. "I have not only personal experiences of moving, but also client experiences beyond the local market which brings valuable understanding of the complexities of relocation," she states.
Let Hilary simplify the process through her one-stop-shop network of professionals.
Additional information:
* Licensed in Tennessee and Texas
* Native Texan
* 25+ years of sales experience
* Former teacher 
* Moved 5 times in 8 years
* Married 27 years with 2 children
* I enjoy decorating, organizing and an organic lifestyle.
* In my spare time, I enjoy my children's sporting events and working in the yard.

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